Monday, January 25, 2010

Evel Knievel lives on !!

    I remember as a kid playing with Evel Knievel toys. They were originally my father's from when he was a little guy, and I loved to play with them. He still had most of the toys original pieces, so I was able to really use my imagination and create really cool jumps and stuff for the character to attempt. In a day and age where the kids probably have no clue as to who Evel Knievel was, is proud to offer the newly revamped Evel Knievel Dare Devil Stunt Set from American Classic Toy.
   The great thing about this stunt set, is that it's offering over 40 pieces including a high speed gyro cycle,2 stunt ramps, a hoop of fire and a posable Evel Knievel figurine. It will not only take many adults back to their childhoods, but it will allow our kids the opportunity to play with a really great toy set.
   This is a really great toy set that I hope everyone has a chance to check out TODAY at Until next time, Thanks for reading and I can't wait until you stop by to play again :) !!

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